What’s wrong with healthcare?

Basically, it’s not very good but it’s very expensive. Yet another round of studies confirms what we should probably know. But we’re not just worse than other industrialized countries, we’re worse than Cuba. Basically, we kinda suck.

Insurance is a racket basically redirecting the spending of money “donated” by healthy people for the care of less healthy. Its the only insurance system we have wherein the really good risks are forced to subsidize the really poor risks.

Imagine, if you will, what your insurance auto premium would look like if your premium depended on how well your alcoholic, multiply convicted, thrice bankrupt, wife-beater neighbor drives. Right, that’s what modern health insurance does. We’re all in the same pool. Your premiums are driven up specifically so that unhealthy patients can have lower premiums and third-party payers can still make a profit.

But that’s what happens when healthcare is primarily a business designed for the enrichment of providers rather than the maintenance of patient welfare. The problem isn’t insurance. The problem is healthcare.



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