Bret A. Boes, MD

Bret A. Boes from Rush Health Systems

This “All American” looking lad would never be suspected of being a drug abuser or diverting drugs for the purpose of having sex with patients. But that’s exactly what the charges brought against Boes by the Mississippi Board of Medical Licensure (MSBML). MSBML has expunged the original charges but you can see them below.

As you can see the charges go on for 31 pages detailing the depraved indifference to basic medical care and public safety. Just as important Boes entered into a consent agreement with MSBML. The agreement remains online (somewhat surprisingly). The essential part of the agreement is:

So what does this mean? The physician recovery program (Mississippi Physician Health Program) in Mississippi under the direction of Scott L. Hambleton, MD, DFASAM ‘took in’ Boes and circumvented his prosecution by MSBML. In essence, a physician who was allegedly trading drugs for sex and allegedly diverting schedule II controlled drugs into the community was returned to practice because he claimed an addiction.

If you read the consent order closely, Boes has essentially admitted that the allegation as true. It’s not clear why Boes was not prosecuted criminally for the hundreds of medically unnecessary and diverted prescriptions. But he was not. It is not known whether Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics or the Drug Enforcement Agency mounted serious investigations.

If you need Adderall, at least you know who to contact if you’re in Mississippi. At last check Boes remains in practice in Meridian, MS in the Rush Health System. The MSBML had many chances to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Mississippi. It failed. Spectacularly. Again.

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